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The Backcountry is the snowshoe of choice for mountaineering, backpacking, hiking, and general use over uncertain terrain. At only 9” wide and 30" long, the Backcountry provides all the floatation most people will require in any snow conditions with easy walking. And at only 46 oz. per pair, the Backcountry weighs less than the 22" and 25" models of ordinary aluminum frame snowshoes. Comes with Northern Lites TruTrak binding system for sturdy traction through all conditions.

  • Gray Decking on a Blue Frame
  • 9"x30" and 46 oz/pr.
  • Surface Area 222 in2
  • For Users Packing up to 250 lbs. total weight.
  • Mountaineering, Backpacking, Heavier Loads.
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    1. Consistently great

      I’ve had my own Backcountry shoes for the past 10 years and have loved every minute with them; their weightless presence, ease of binding, and solid construction allow you to focus less on your equipment and more on your enjoyment. So when it came time to buy a set for my fiancé, the choice was simple and clear. The delivery took WAY too long (7 business days), but can’t ding NL for that. In fact, I’m writing this review and haven’t even received them yet. I am that confident that I’ll love them like I do my own, or NL will make it right. on Jan 8th 2018

    2. Very happy!

      I have only used my northern lites snowshoes a few times since purchasing them but each time I use them my hike always ends up being twice as long as I anticipate because I'm having so much fun exploring, very happy with the quality of the pros on Jan 27th 2017

    3. Great snowshoe that you can wear all day comfortably. no more postholing, even on the mushiest of snow!

      Wore this snowshoe across many snowy Colorado Plains while hiking the CDT from Chama, NM to Lake City, CO. It held up wonderfully, and is perfect in a situation where weight is important, like when you have to carry them on your back for 200 miles. My friend could barely wear his big 4-5 lb clunker snowshoes for half a mile before becoming exhausted with them. I felt like I could wear these all day, at just 1lb 5.5oz per shoe! on Jun 22nd 2016

    4. go on snow

      Do a search on snowshoes, Northern Lites are a rather obscure brand. I don't know why.

      I live on the east side of the Sierra Nevadas. Around Carson Pass is where I use these shoes.

      I first learned about Northern Lites a decade ago (about a month before I spent the next two years recovering from a traffic accident).

      Before that, I used Tubbs. The Tubbs worked, the Tubbs were tuff, the Tubbs were heavy.

      When you first think about putting on a pair of snowshoes, you probably don't think about the weight. But weight matters. When your are tromping through loose snow, weight matters a lot. Snow shoeing is strenuous. If you tromp a mile, you will be lifting each foot more than 1,000 times and that means you lift what ever is attached to your foot more than 1,000 times.

      The Tubbs I was using weighed about 6 lbs. I haven't weighed the Northern Lites (I'll take their word on weight). The extra 3 lbs means an extra 3000+ lbs moved every mile. Tromping in the cold multiplies the weight effect.

      I have had these snow shoes long enough to tromp more than 15 miles over various types of terrain. They have worked well.

      I only have experience but Tubbs and Northern Lites but the concept is similar across all brands.

      What I like:
      1) the weight (or lack of).
      2) the bindings.

      These snow shoes probably work as well as any out there and they are lighter weight than anything out there. Where I have difficulties are along icy crests and step descents. But I doubt other snow shoes would be any better (I base this on a conversation I had with a gentleman who rents snow shoes. He was most negative about the MSR Lightning Ascents. He didn't feel they were superior on ice and he said that the stamped steel frame hangs on the crampons more easily than tubular frames.)

      Time and use will tell if these are as tuff as the Tubbs. They are surly easier to use.
      on Jan 7th 2016

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