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The Tundra Rescue is Northern Lites' super-floater for people carrying larger, heavier loads in the deepest snows.  The Tundra Rescue is structurally identical to the Tundra.  The only difference is the Rescue Orange deck material for enhanced visibility in emergency situations. While these are big snowshoes, they are designed to provide a more natural stride with a width of only 9 1/2".  At 32" long, with almost 260in2 of deck surface area, the Tundra provides all the flotation most people will require in any snow conditions.  The incredibly light weight of all Northern Lites snowshoes is most notable in this size.  At 3 lbs. per pair, the Tundra weighs less than most 22" and 25" models of ordinary aluminum frame snowshoes.  If you are shopping for an oversized snowshoe, the Tundra means huge weight savings.  The average snowshoer takes more than 3,200 strides per mile.  At a typical weight savings of more than 10 oz. per shoe, that means you're saving more than 2,000 lbs. per mile compared to the typical comparable snowshoe.  Of course, what that really means is that there isn't a comparable snowshoe! The Tundra Rescue may be ordered with the traditional Northern Lites TruTrak binding system or the new Northern Lites Speed Binding when you need the ultimate in convenience for getting your snowshoes on and off quickly.  


  • Rescue Orange Decking on a Black Frame

  • 9 1/2" x 32" and 49 oz/pair (Tru-Trak) or 48 oz/pair (Speed)

  • Surface Area 258in2

  • Recommended for more than 250 lbs. total weight (user, gear, pack, etc.).

  • Mountaineering, Search and Rescue, Backpacking, Long distance trekking, Heavy Loads, Deep Powder.

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    1. Fantastic Shoes!

      While I only have about fifty miles on my new pair of Tundra's I have no doubts that they will hold up as well as the pair of Backcountry's that I literally have hundreds of miles on. Having said that, this review will be based on the four pairs of Northern Lites snowshoes we have and my experience overall.
      Somewhere I once read that they are so light that you'll think the box is empty when the UPS guy/gal hands it to you. That's the truth! They are extremely light.
      Every new pair of Northern Lites snowshoes that I've had seem to make a little crackly noise when they're new. Don't worry. It seems normal and goes away after you log about the first ten miles on them.
      You can't beat the bright orange color of the Rescues. I figure if, God forbid, something ever happens to me in the wilderness it would make it easier for searchers to find me.
      The bindings are not the fastest to put on but they are very simple. Personally, I will gladly trade an extra thirty seconds of time to put the shoes on for a very simple binding. Not only are they simple but the rubber straps are field serviceable. I carry an extra one in my pack when I go on lengthy adventures but I have never used it. Not only are they replaceable but they are the same from model to model. I carry one extra strap and it will fit my Tundra's, Backcountry's, Race, and even my wife's Elites. I originally ordered my first pair of Northern Lites after a pair of snowshoes manufactured by the popular T**b's company had the binding blow out and of course they couldn't support that model any longer.
      Yes, between my wife and I we have four pairs of Northern Lites snowshoes. A pair for different conditions and activities. We are completely satisfied with them so far.
      The customer service is acceptable in my view. I've only ever experienced one small problem. An o-ring was missing off one of the straps on my Backcountry's when I received them but they sent one to me, no questions asked.
      I cannot speak about the warranty as I've never needed it.

      Support an American made product. Order a pair, put some miles on them, and enjoy the fresh air!
      on Jan 21st 2018

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