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Year after year, the Northern Lites Elite remains one of our more popular snowshoe models.  It is a full-sized mountaineering and backpacking snowshoe with highly aggressive crampons.  The size and weight of the Elite provides for unmatched maneuverability in all conditions and terrain.  It is light enough to easily use in races yet rugged enough to handle even the 1,000 mile Iditarod!  At about 2-1/2 lbs. per pair, the Elite is by far the lightest 25” snowshoe on the market.  Comes with the traditional Northern Lites TruTrak binding system or the new Northern Lites Speed Binding when you need the ultimate convenience for getting your snowshoes on and off quickly.  

  • Colors:

    • Gray Decking on a Black Frame
    • Gray Decking on a Red Frame
    • Light Gray Decking on a Teal Frame (Womens)
  • 8"x25" and 42 oz/pair (Tru-Trak) or 41 oz/pair (Speed)

  • Women's weigh 38 oz/pair (Tru-Trak) or 37 oz/pair (Speed)
  • Surface Area 164in2

  • Recommended for up to 175 lbs. total weight (user, gear, pack, etc.).

  • Off-trail hiking and camping, Cross-Training, Racing

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    1. Speed bindings the BEST

      Snowshoes are very light. This makes a big difference over time, your legs don’t get nearly as tired and makes them much more agile. The speed bindings are the best bindings of any other brand of snowshoes. There so simple but so easy to use and work excellent on Mar 24th 2019

    2. Review on the Elite Snow Shoe

      Nice light show compact snow shoe. These are for my husband and he weights 225 lbs.. The shoe's specs recommends max of 175 lbs. They work fine for him, but we have not been in more than 10 inches of fluffy snow and most likely this is the most snow we will be in that is not groomed. The upgraded bindings are awesome. on Feb 19th 2019

    3. Classic Off-Piste Snowshoe

      I'm from Australia and use these shoes for what we call 'bushwalking' (ie. back-country) activities, and for this purpose these shoes are excellent. Light and robust they are great for carrying solid loads across country away from the developed ski-fields. For much of the time we have a softer heavier base without that much deep spindrift, and fewer truly sharp rocky area's requiring technical skills. I got my first pair of Elite's in 2003 and they are still going strong and our club has since acquired several sets and have had no problems. So if you're looking for something suitable for when you've got a big pack on your back and a long way to go then these are just what you need. on Dec 1st 2017

    4. great product, great service

      I have a pair of Elites that I bought about 10 years ago. Since I live in snow country I use them almost daily for 3-4 months a year. They work very well in all conditions and have held up extremely well even with the hard use they get. Just recently the pivot strap started to fray. I called, hoping not to have to replace the snowshoes. Jim told me the strap could be replaced, and at a very reasonable cost. He was able to get them fixed and back to me within a week of receiving them. I am extremely happy both with the snowshoes and the service. When it finally comes to having to replace the shoes, I will definitely be getting another pair of Northern Lites. on Mar 14th 2016

    5. Superb All Purpose Snowshoe

      This is our fourth pair of Northern Lites, all of which have demonstrated a stellar performance here in the rugged Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I am a professional landscape photographer who views my Northern Lites as a critical component in my Winter photographic expeditions. If you only buy one pair of Northern Lites (and that would be a shame), the Elite is likely the most versatile snowshoe in the lineup. Today I climbed extreme Lake Superior shoreline ice structures, some of which had near vertical climbs and descents. The crampons provided safe and stellar traction without issue. The snowshoes are small enough to maneauver around my tripod with ease, but demonstrate superior buoyancy in deeper snow (and I am 205lbs). This American-Made product performs beyond expectations and is simple, ultralight, and functional. on Feb 6th 2016

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