Winter running and racing in snowshoes - a way for athletes to extend their love for running into winter.

Northern Lites has a rich history with snowshoe running and racing - our snowshoes have propelled countless athletes to the victory podium over the decades.


We've gathered popular snowshoe model weights so that you can make an informed decision on which snowshoe would suite you. 
The graph above compares our two 20" Race Wave and Race snowshoes to the weights of other popular running snowshoes.  Northern Lites Race and Race Wave snowshoes average 35% lighter than the other snowshoes!

In the world of snowshoe running, weight savings very important. Based on the snowshoe weights in the graph above, with Northern Lites you lift 1/3 pound less with each stride, or about 900 lbs of lift PER MILE (2,700 strides per mile)!  This equates to 2,800 lbs of lift saved in a 5K and a whopping 5,600 lbs saved in a 10K!

We put another graph together to show you how much lift you'll save with your Northern Lites running snowshoes:
Now you can see why champions choose to run in Northern Lites.  Every year, there is a USSSA (United States Snowshoe Association) national snowshoe racing championship. In 2022, the Men's and Women's champions wore the Northern Lites Race, and in 2023 the Men's and Women's champions donned Northern Lites as well!

2022 and 2023 USSSA Snowshoe Nationals Champions Jackie Herring and Eric Hartmark

You can either go stir-crazy all winter long inside or adapt and embrace winter and stay active all winter long in the great outdoors.  Running in snowshoes, much like cross-country skiing or fat-tire biking in the winter will warm you up almost instantly, no matter the temperature outside. 

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