We've combined our ultralight passion with a binding that emphasizes speed, comfort, & security.  

The new Spin binding integrates Northwave's SPIN dial system into our bindings to combine all of the most important attributes into our snowshoes. 

On and off couldn't be easier - simply turn the dial to cinch the binding in. When done, pull the tab to release the binding cord. 


Northern Lites Integration

Large Snow Dial

All Day comfort

Dyneema Snow Cable

Keeping the Ultralight Passion

We didn't build our snowshoes around this binding - we built the binding around our line of ultralight snowshoes we've been perfecting for over 30 years.

American Hypalon Heel Strap Grabs Your Boot

Don't get frustrated with a bad heel strap. We use American Hypalon with 1,000lb break strength and extreme grip. 

Aggressive Dial for Use with Gloves & Mittens

The oversized dial has three grip points for easy use with gloves or mittens on.

Quicker on/off with 30% fewer turns required

Northwave's dial requires 30% less turns compared to other wire closure systems for even quicker on/off.

Foam Layer for Maximum Comfort

We added a layer of 1/8" thick comfort foam to add comfort with minimal weight gain.

All-Foot-Encompassing Design 

Unlike strap or ratchet buckle bindings, the Spin binding spreads around your entire foot for even pressure.

Dyneema Snow Cable Cord

The Dyneema snow cable is strong enough to be trusted in parachutes. Hundreds of small, lightweight nylon fibers combine for incredible tension strength. 

Superlite, Strong and No Memory

It's lighter than steel wire with zero memory problems to worry about.

Featured on our Quicksilver Series & Ultralight Trail & Trek Series



What models will the Spin binding be available on?

All of our premium Trail & Trek snowshoes (Elite 25", Backcountry 30", and Tundra 33") and our Quicksilver Recreational Series (25" and 30") will offer the Spin binding.  We do have plans to offer it on our Timber Wolf line but don't currently. As of now, we have no plans this season to put the Spin binding on our running snowshoes but may in the future. 

How much will the Spin binding cost?

The Spin binding will cost less than the Speed Binding, it will be the same price as the Tru Trak binding. 

Is the Spin Binding replacing the speed binding or tru trak bindings?

It is replacing the Speed Bindings for the models mentioned above. If you love the speed bindings we can probably make it happen on any model - just contact us!
What shoe size does the spin binding fit?
  • Elite 25" and Quicksilver 25: W5 - M12
  • Backcountry 30" and Quicksilver 30: W5 - M13
  • Tundra 33": W5 - M14
What warranty does the Spin binding have?
Binding choice does not affect our great warranties - so no worries there.