Mike Summers

1st ever self-supported winter through-hike of the Ice Age Trail

Mike SummersNorthern Lites Snowshoes can really take a beating! Although light, these snowshoes are far from flimsy. An easy-to-use, durable design that has exactly what is needed and no more.

The metal cleats used on Northern Lites Snowshoes provide sure-footed traction and incredible feel and sensitivity on the multiple surfaces I encountered on the Ice Age Trail. The materials used in Northern Lites Snowshoes are very high quality and are perfectly adapted for use in cold and harsh conditions. The minimalist design is not only super light, but easy to use and durable. Despite hundreds of miles of abuse on the Ice Age Trail in winter, tackling ice, deep powder, and intermittent snow-free patches of trail and pavement, these snowshoes showed little signs of wear, much less signs of giving out! In addition to a fantastic product, Northern Lites offers unmatched customer service; The owners work very hard to get you the right product in a timely manner, even during busy holiday shipping seasons! Not only that, but if any problems arise, they are very understanding and do whatever is necessary to make things right.

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