How To Guide - Getting Your Snowshoes Ready For Winter

How To Guide - Getting Your Snowshoes Ready For Winter

Winter is coming...

No but seriously we can't believe the best time of year - Snowshoe Time - is right around the corner! More than likely your snowshoes have been safely being stored in a cool dry place anxiously awaiting to be called upon to lightly and graciously support your hiking, walking and mountaineering activities through the snow for the next 6+ months. 

If for any reason you read the above and find that your snowshoes haven't been stored properly follow the following next steps to ensure your snowshoes are ready for the season.

1. Ensure all of last years grime and dirt is cleaned off with warm water and a rag. Use a gentle soap if necessary. 

2. Fully dry your snowshoes.

3. Spray your bindings with silicon (pam vegetable spray will also do the trick). The key is to keep the nylon from drying out, which will enhance the longevity and proactively fight wear and tear. 

Now that your snowshoes have been properly prepped for storage (ensure you do the previous 3 steps at the end of the 2020 season), keep following the steps so your shoes are snowshoe ready:

4. Check bindings for wear and tear - check the rivets that hold your bindings together and see if anything feels "loose" or if you come across a loose rivet attached to the bindings for deck clips (black nylon clips attached to your ultralight frame) contact us: and we will assist with any repair needs. 

5. Next flip your snowshoe over and check the aluminum or stainless steel claw cleats to ensure proper traction - if you notice excessive wear and tear please contact us. 

Remember that your Northern Lites Snowshoes come with an industry best limited lifetime warranty on most models, we are here to ensure your snowshoes last for snowy season after snowy season, so please contact us Here for any questions.

With this simple guide you should be all set for a successful snowshoe season with your Northern Lites Snowshoes, the lightest and most technically advanced snowshoes on the market. 

As always remember to Enjoy The Journey!

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