Our Best Snowshoes For Beginners: Quicksilver Series

Our Best Snowshoes For Beginners: Quicksilver Series

What Is The Quicksilver Series?

Northern Lites Quicksilver Snowshoe Series is the baseline snowshoe model series for Northern Lites Snowshoes. Like all of our snowshoes, this series is handmade in the USA with all American made components. We do this to ensure we can keep track of the quality and gives us the utmost quality control of our snowshoes. The quicksilver series are snowshoes designed for beginners and those who use snowshoeing for recreational trails. They are also perfect for rentals, fleet, and a favorite for school and physical education programs.

The Quicksilver Series is manufactured with a high quality T-6 6065 grade aluminum that is anodized to prevent any rusting and allows the aluminum frame to withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures without cracking or withstanding damage.

The 6065 aluminum is heavier than our advanced models that comes with an aerospace grade aluminum, but similar to our advanced and mountain series the snowshoe decking used for the Quicksilver Series is a genuine Coolthane polyurethane meshed nylon. This patented material is the same material that is used for military PVC boats and is nearly impossible to rip and puncture. If the material is punctured by sharp rocks on the trail it has ‘ripstop’ capability to ensure the puncture or tear is not magnified and ruins the entire deck. This decking material also can withstand -50degrees Celsius temperatures with out freezing up, ensuring the decking never ices while out on the trail.

Our Quicksilver Series comes with exaggerated aluminum crampons and molded nylon clips around the deck proving a solid 360 degree traction for beginners and those who snowshoe recreationally on groomed and known trails.

The Quicksilver Series comes with two types of bindings, the Northern Lites Tru Trak Binding system and Speed Binding system. The Tru Trak system is designed to eliminate pigeon toeing and grips any sort of footwear with nylon straps. This type of binding is a staple of Northern Lites and has been popular and used since 1994. The Speed Binding system operates very similar to tying a shoe lace and makes getting the snowshoes off incredible easy, most do it in under 30 seconds per shoe.

Quicksilver Series Snowshoes

Our Quicksilver Series comes with a limited lifetime warranty for the frame, decking and binding straps.

Designed for beginner & recreation snow showers

If you can walk, you can snowshoe and our Quicksilver Series was designed to allow anyone and everyone the opportunity to snowshoe. The Quicksilver Series is our model designed for beginners and those who snowshoe recreationally. The materials are perfect for those who are looking to try snowshoeing for the first time, giving beginners a quality snowshoe that will last them for years and years. The weight of the Quicksilver is lighter than most competing snowshoe brands, the warranty unmatched and the price point is very competitive for those looking to try snowshoeing.

The price point and durability of the Quicksilver Series is also great for those who are looking for a pair of snowshoes to give and share with the whole family or for those who snowshoe recreationally on easy to moderate trails.

Our best snowshoe for beginners

    1. The Quicksilver 30 is best beginner snowshoe pair for those looking for floatation up to 250lbs. Snowshoes are sized according to the weight load that the user will be putting on the shoe. The heavier the total load (body weight, pack weight, gear, etc) the larger the surface area needed to provide ample flotation over the snow.
    2. The Quicksilver 30 is available in both bindings, the Tru Trak and Speed binding systems.
    3. The Quicksilver 30has a total weight of 4.9lbs along with a length of 30inches and width of 9inches.
    1. The Quicksilver 25 is best for beginners and recreational snowshoers so are looking for flotation up to 175lbs.
    2. The Quicksilver 25 is available in both bindings, the Tru Trak and Speed binding systems.
    3. The Quicksilver 25 has a total weight of 4lbs along with a length of 25inches and width of 8inches.
Quicksilver 25 Tru trak binding snowshoe

      1. The Quicksilver Youth & Kids snowshoes are designed for kids and families that are looking to make snowshoeing an outdoor winter activity for the whole family. The Youth snowshoes are perfect for those of a weight up to 80lbs and unlike other kids snowshoes that are more for just “show” our Youth model are  fully functioning snowshoes that kids love.
    Quicksilver Youth Series

       At Northern Lites we are passionate about making snowshoeing accessible to everyone. Unlike other winter sports, if you can walk you can snowshoe and we are proud to be one of the only last Made in the USA brands left. We have been passionate about getting beginners and recreational snowshoers alike the highest quality snowshoes since 1992. We are here to support you with any questions you have so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

      Checkout our complete beginners guide to snowshoeing HERE.

       Just make sure you, Enjoy The Journey.

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