The SUP Angler Universal Mounting Kit Introduction

The SUP Angler Universal Mounting Kit Introduction


Our love of the outdoors runs year-round.  After we hang up the World’s Lightest Snowshoes come Spring, we love to explore the many rivers and small lakes that the Rocky Mountains and Upper Midwest boast. Although hardshell kayaks and canoes have their place, the portability, convenience and affordability of an inflatable stand-up paddleboard was where we ultimately chose to take on our water adventures.

The SUP Angler Elite Universal Mounting Kit was developed to universally mount to any paddleboard or inflatable kayak that has D-rings in the front or back (virtually all of them). So many outdoor enthusiasts took up paddleboarding over the last decade due to the obvious reasons, but being able to organize and fix your gear to the paddleboard takes your on-water adventures to another level!

Testing the SUP Angler in a Northern Michigan river in Roscommon County

No more worrying about your fishing rod, phone, or Bluetooth speaker falling into the water. No more carrying fishing rods in your mouth as you paddle to the next destination. Trolling two fishing rods while looking at your phones GPS fishing map while paddling along? Easy with the SUP Angler Mount Kit!

Check out how easily the mounting kit attaches to your paddleboard within seconds. To make things even better, we offer a wide array of swappable accessories thanks to the nifty starport bases, from fishing rod holders to waterproof phone cases to bait boards and Bluetooth speakers.

We didn’t cut corners on the mounting kit, using King Starboard Marine HDPE for the base, which is extremely sturdy and weatherproof. All hardware is stainless steel, and we route the edges of the board for a smooth finish.  SUP Anglers are cut, drilled and assembled in our Englewood, Colorado location exactly where our snowshoes are made – here in the USA.

More updates to come on this revolutionary paddleboard fishing product!


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