Top 3 Snowshoe Trails For Beginners Out West This Winter 2019

Top 3 Snowshoe Trails For Beginners Out West This Winter 2019

When kicking off a new sport or hobby it can't be quite intimidating of where to start, what information do I need and who to trust. There are tons of good resources out there but often times experts take, just that, an expert view on an opinion and eliminate the ability for beginners to understand or track what they should do, buy or start with.

At Northern Lites, our goal is to make it as easy as possible to start snowshoeing and to also provide resources and content for those that are the seasoned professionals. 

With Winter only a few exciting months away we thought we would list out our top 3 trails to hit this winter perfect for beginners with views any skill set will find jaw-dropping. 

1. Crater Lake - Garfield Peak Trail, Oregon USA

Crater Lake in Oregon is often touted as the most beautiful scenic viewpoint in all of North America (many enthusiasts say the world). The unique volcanic landscape, tied to a 6 mile picturesque blue lake leaves visitors highly satisfied after making the trek. In the winter time, the south entrance to the park is open and people can drive up to the lodge. Crater Lake gets almos 42 feet of snow (yes, 42 feet!) so snowshoes are imperative if you want to take in the views. Close to the lodge is Garfield Peak Trail, which is a moderate in and out hike that will take you up to one of the highest points around the lake giving you endless 360degree views.The trail is well worn and popular making this a great hike to snowshoe up for any skill set. Check out additional details via HERE.

2. Saint Mary's Glacier Trail - Idaho Springs, Colorado USA

One of Colorado's only glaciers, Saint Mary's glacier provides breathtaking views after an easy 1.9 mile out and back hike. The hike takes you up to a small glacier runoff lake, which you can snowshoe around to get on the actual glacier just a short walk to your right (facing the lake). This hike in the winter is a snowshoers dream along with being very accessible from Denver. Many snowshoers will snowshoe up the entire glacier with their skis in tow, to simple ski down the glacier and down the trail back to the parking lot. Check out additional details via HERE.

3. Congress Trail - Three Rivers, California USA

This 2hour, 3.2 mile loop is breathtaking in the winter time due to the trail taking you into the Giant Forest. It is a very popular trail and is a must walk if you find yourself in the area. The trail is generally well packed but there could be pockets of deep snow as you hike along the loop. Check out additional details via HERE.

This winter if you make it up to one of these trails let us know your thoughts and send pictures so we can feature you in our monthly snowshoers adventure guide!

No matter where you go this winter be sure to Enjoy The Journey.

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Frederick Schuster
Frederick Schuster

What trails would you suggest in Wisconsin.

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