5 Reasons To Avoid Shopping And Get Outside On Black Friday

5 Reasons To Avoid Shopping And Get Outside On Black Friday

We are thrilled to be joining REI and thousands of other outdoor brands who are boycotting Black Friday and encouraging people to get outside. This is a strong step in the right direction for our industry to encourage others to take a break from heavy shopping and instead, simply, go outside and enjoy the journey.

Black Friday has hijacked Thanksgiving as the most popular “holiday” in November. Every year people save up and scour online reviews for the best deals to stand in line for. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending where you stand) Black Friday now starts on Thanksgiving Day and continues until the following Monday. 

Black Friday plays well into our societies need and desire for the freshest newest “stuff”. It is hard to say no to a good deal, we love a good deal. However, a small action and change can make a massive impact to enhancing the happiness of your holidays. One small change you can make is to boycott Black Friday and go outside with friends and family and soak up time with each other instead of soaking up “retail therapy”.

At Northern Lites, we have been admiring the movement REI has created, and we are boycotting Black Friday. Our office will be closed and we have incentivized our team members who will be embarking all over the country with their families and friends to say no to the chaos and say yes to “outdoor therapy”.

Northern Lites Opt Outside on Black Friday

Just so you know how passionate we are about this, the average small business does 10-20% of their annual sales on Black Friday (that is massive) and to not be open for Black Friday from a financial standpoint is nonsensical. Yet, we are so passionate that life is not about the stuff we acquire but about the journey we experience. It's truly important to take time this season for your friends and family, and not focus big on shopping. 

Here are our top 5 reasons why we think you should join us, REI, and other outdoor brands, and get outside this Black Friday:

1. You do not want to be this guy.

2. The average shopper spends $1,007.27... By avoiding Black Friday your pocket book will feel heavier and your body will feel better.

3. You will focus more on what the holidays are about. Family, friendship and giving. Studies continue to show the more you give and the more you focus on the people and not the stuff, the happier someone is. Check out this TIMES article.

4. Your favorite trails will be empty. It is estimated that 120 million people will be hitting the retail stores on Black Friday. What does that mean for those that don’t... The outdoors are wide open and most likely your towns most popular outdoor locations will be empty and you’ll have it all to yourself. 

5. Your health will thank you. Check out these 9 benefits that just 30 minutes of exercise on Black Friday will bring. 

Regardless of what your plans are for Black Friday, we hope you have a wonderful Holiday weekend with loved ones. We hope you take some time to enjoy the outdoors, whether on snowshoes or not (preferable on snowshoes). 

If you and your family have a tradition on Black Friday or over the holiday weekend we would love to hear about it! Please leave it in the comments below.

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