Snowshoe Product Features

Technologically advanced materials give Northern Lites incredible strength and durability

"Northern Lites weigh half of what most others do, but our testing proved them to be far tougher than first impression suggests." - Backpacker Magazine

Northern Lites Snowshoe FeaturesUltra-light Weight Aluminum Framing uses a stiffer, harder aluminum alloy and three-step production process which results in a far lighter, more durable snowshoe.

Coolthane® Decking is a super tough, polyurethane coated nylon mesh which is almost impossible to puncture - and will "rip-stop" if cut with a knife. Too slick for snow build-up, you won’t lift the extra weight conventional decking materials usually attract.

Oversized "Duraluminum" Toe And Heel Crampons attack ice with authority! This specially processed aluminum has greater strength and abrasion resistance than many titanium alloys!

Toughened Nylon Deck Clips absorb tortuous underside wear without the the added weight of wrap-around or lacing attachment methods. Acting as perimeter cleats they provide Northern Lites with incredible traction even in the deepest snow.

Biothane Pivot Belt uses the phenomenal strength and tear resistance of nylon seatbelt webbing in a water resistant, toughened polyurethane shell.

Toughened Nylon Heel Strike Plate positioned directly over the rear crampon, is heavily ridged for traction to keep the heel in place and the shoe straight-tracking on steep side hill traverses.

TruTrak Binding System Ends Pigeon-Toeing and Shoe Loss in Deep Snow

"...the easiest, most secure bindings of the lot." Editor’s Picks - Adventure West Magazine

Northern Lites achieve absolute security and straighter tracking by eliminating the slippage which can make ordinary snowshoe bindings work loose. Introduced to outstanding reviews in 1994, the TruTrak Binding System is still regarded by many to be the best in the industry.

  • "Flip Hooks" replace conventional ladderlocks so there’s no slippage during repeated stress/relief action cycles. Simple to adjust even with heavy gloves.
  • Super strong polyurethane straps actually grab onto leather, rubber, and plastic boots to hold the foot perfectly in alignment. No need to "wrench down" or overtighten - providing a more comfortable fit with any footwear.

Less Weight Makes Northern Lites More Fun.

At one-half the weight of ordinary metal-frame snowshoes, Northern Lites deliver more fun with a lot less work!

  • Novices love Northern Lites because they’re so much easier to use.
  • Hikers prefer Northern Lites because they’re less fatiguing.
  • Cross-trainers and racers use Northern Lites because they’re faster.

Northern Lites Mean 2,000 Pounds Less Weight To Lift Over Every Mile! (3,200 strides @ 10oz./shoe)