Speed Bindings


Northern Lites introduced the new Speed Binding in 2018 and it has quickly become the binding of choice for serious snowshoers and everyday recreational snowshoers alike.  The 2019 US National Women's Champion used them in her dominating victory in the 10km.  The silver medalist in the 2019 Iditarod Trail Invitational (1,000 miles of Alaskan wilderness in the winter!) had this to say about his Speed Bindings: "I loved the Speed Laces and felt 100% secure with the durability.  These are the real deal. "  This binding is available on all of the Trek & Trail models (Elite, Backcountry, and Tundra), as well as the QuickSilver 25 and QuickSilver 30.  This binding offers the ultimate in comfort, stability and convenience for a wide variety of snow conditions. In North America, it is common throughout the snowshoe season to encounter everything from deep powder to bare and rocky ground.  The Speed binding will allow you to take the snowshoes on and off in well under 30 seconds per pair! And that convenience requires no sacrifice of performance. In mile after mile of rugged conditions, the Speed Binding conforms to your footwear for a comfortable hike.

There are certainly rapid “on-off” bindings on the market.  They use a variety of cams and ratchets and cables and buckles.  Any they all have one thing in common – they are heavy. What is the use of a snowshoe binding that is easy to put on when the extra weight encourages you to leave them at home?  Northern Lites Snowshoes are already the lightest on the market with the Tru-Trak Binding and the new Speed Binding continues that tradition with a binding that is an ounce lighter per pair!  With our insistence on only using the best materials, our gear testers were thrilled with the performance, durability and ease of use of the Speed Binding from Northern Lites.



We can retrofit your current snowshoes with this binding.  If your Northern Lites Snowshoes are in good shape, you can send them to us for the installation of the Speed Binding for $64.99 plus $10 flat rate shipping back to you.  This will also include the replacement of the front cleat and suspension strap. If you also want to replace either or both of the rear cleats at the same time, this will cost $7.50 each ($15.00 for the pair).  

Of course, if you want to get an entirely new pair of snowshoes, we think that’s just fine!