Speed Binding Upgrade

Binding Options

Launched in 2018 our speed bindings are quickly becoming a favorite of the snowshoe community. With unmatched convenience and durability try our new speed binding system.

We can retrofit your current snowshoes with this binding.  If your Northern Lites Snowshoes are in good shape, you can send them to us for the installation of the Speed Binding for $64.99 plus.  This will also include the replacement of the front cleat and suspension strap. If you also want to replace either or both of the rear cleats at the same time, this will cost $7.50 each ($15) for the pair.

Logistical information:

Upon placing your order please ship your shoes to our repair warehouse. We will receive your shoes, remove the old bindings and replace the shoes with the new bindings and ship them back to you. 

Please ship our shoes to:

1825 W. Caspian Pl

Unit 2

Englewood, CO 80110

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