Angler X-Wide 10'8" Fishing Paddleboard (2 Rod Holders)

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Finally, a stable and customizable inflatable fishing paddleboard package that can get you on the water and fishing like a pro for under $400! 

Our fishing paddleboard is 3" wider than a normal paddleboard making it super stable for casting. Foam padded kayak seat gives you comfort while paddling to your fishing holes, and the two accessory mounts allow for swapping accessories such as fishing rod holders, waterproof phone holders, cup holders, paddle holders, IPX7-rated waterproof Bluetooth speakers and more!

This stable fishing SUP is designed for fishing but is a great cruising paddleboard as well.

•Fishing Paddleboard: The Angler has two built-in accessory ports. Additional accessory mounting kits are available and can be installed/removed on the D-Rings in under 15 seconds for additional paddle board fishing accessories.

•35" wide fishing paddleboard for adults: With a 3" wider frame compared to standard paddleboards this fishing sup provides stability on the water with a weight capacity up to 430 lbs.

•Two Fishing Rod Holder Sts: Our do-it-all fishing rod holder is tough and fully-adjustable thanks to the 360 degree RAM ball-bearing system. Rod-lock ring keeps your rod secure and fits all varieties of rods.

•No-Slip EVA Foam Deck: Large no-slip casting deck with grooved canals helps water drain quickly. Easily wash fish-slime off with a hose with low scent memory.

•Adjustable padded kayak seat and convertible paddles: Foam-padded removable kayak seat for paddling expeditions or trolling. Two-sided kayak-style paddles can be converted to stand-up style single paddles.

Dimensions: 10'x8" L x 35" W x 6" D
Capacity: 430lbs
Board Weight: 20lbs
Accessory Ports: 2 built-in

Customer Reviews

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Trent N.
Just Wow

This paddle board is exceptionally well built and offers awesome stability compared to narrower boards, making it much more enjoyable to use. With previous boards, weight shifting required careful attention to avoid ending up in the water. However, this board's stability allows for a more relaxed and fun experience. I can even bring a companion along without worrying about unexpected swims.

The addition of a seat and extra features enhances comfort, whether you're leisurely cruising or out fishing.

We have several small lakes in the valley and higher up in the mountains where motorized boats, even electric ones, are prohibited. This board allows me to explore these lakes fully, even reaching the opposite shores that are otherwise inaccessible by foot. The only downside is that I sometimes reach my limit too quickly because it's so efficient!

I'm looking forward to using this board in the late fall for hunting, as it will allow me to access remote areas that would take hours to reach by land, if it's possible to reach them at all.

While my previous boards were enjoyable, this one truly takes the experience to the next level.

Christy Palmo
My son loves this!

My son already loves this paddleboard for fishing and exploring. He said its lightweight to carry. He loves the accessories It comes with and loves that it has the back rest. He also said that its easy to maneuver while he's standing and the durability seems OK but weve only used it once so I will update as needed. My son is 61 and about 175lbs! So pretty tall kid.

Mike Weaver
Nice board with rod and phone holder

This is a quality stand-up paddle board equipped with two mounting points for a rod holder and a phone holder. While the seat is somewhat thin, an inflatable seat with more cushioning would be preferable, but this seat is functional and can always be upgraded later. The board features three removable fins on the bottom and comes with a versatile paddle that can be used as a stand-up paddle or a double kayak paddle. The entire kit conveniently fits into the included backpack.

For fishing, I would prefer a slightly more camouflaged design, but that's mainly an aesthetic preference and it's nice to be visible to other boaters. This board offers more portability than a hard-shell kayak and the versatility to be used as both a stand-up paddle board and a kayak.