Snowshoe Backcountry Bag



Featuring a shoulder strap, handles and a hanging loop to give you options for storing and carrying your snowshoes. Drain holes prevent water or moisture build up during storage.

Loops with buckles on the outside attach trekking poles or other items. The oversized zipper comes with a pull to allow you to open and close the bag without removing your gloves.

The bags come in three sizes:

Small (for 19” & 20” decks)

  • Fits Youth, Race, & Race Wave

Medium (for 25” decks)

  • Fits Quicksilver 25", Elite, Race Elite and Timberwolf 25"

Large (for 30” & 33” decks)

  • Fits Quicksilver 30", Backcountry & Tundra, and Timberwolf 30" & 33"

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