5 Reasons Why Snowshoeing Is Fun

5 Reasons Why Snowshoeing Is Fun

If you are seeking a workout that is low-impact and fun, you should try snowshoeing. It is affordable fun the entire family can do, since you only need warm clothing and snowshoes. Snowshoeing is a winter sport you can do with others while maintaining a safe six-foot social distance. You can enjoy the company of friends and family while burning those excess calories! 

Snowshoeing Is A Complete Workout

When you are snowshoeing, you get the same type of aerobic exercise as running or riding a bicycle. The reason why is when you are snowshoeing, you raise your legs high in the same manner as running. Your body requires extra work in the cold weather to stay warm, therefore, snowshoeing allows more calories to burn. 

History of Snowshoeing

It is not exactly known how and when snowshoes originated. For years, nature has given animals ways to adapt to winter weather; such as providing them with larger feet. An example is the snowshoe hare. It has larger than average feet which allows for quick maneuvering through heavy snowfall areas. 

The origin of the snowshoe dates back several thousands of years ago, according to historians. Central Asia is where the snowshoe is believed to have originated. It has been hypothesized that the material understood to be a backpack frame was in reality a section of the snowshoe.

Quebec, Canada is where snowshoes first became popular for recreational use. During the latter part of the 19th-century, recreational use of snowshoes became increasingly widespread.

Why People Enjoy Snowshoeing

People who enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities find Snowshoeing the ideal wintertime enterprise. When you are wearing snowshoes, it allows you to access hiking trails, as well as form your own trails. Going Snowshoeing lets you experience and explores all the old trails from an entirely new perspective.

5 Reasons Why Snowshoeing is Fun

If you have never tried snowshoeing, here are five reasons why you should this winter.

1. The number one reason is that snowshoeing is an excellent aerobic exercise. A few minutes of snowshoeing will give you the same heart-rate-increasing exercise as an afternoon of downhill skiing.

2. Low-cost winter fun. The biggest expense is investing in snowshoes. About the same as a pair of lift tickets, sans any added expense. You don’t have to pay anything to go snowshoeing because most trails for hiking transform into snowshoeing areas.

3. An excellent and convenient activity for groups. Snowshoeing is something that can be done as a group, unlike skiing, which is mostly a solo sport. People who enjoy hiking also enjoy the thrill of snowshoeing trails with all types of terrain. There is no distance limit when you are snowshoeing. Go for as long or little as you please.

4. It allows a person to acquire a greater appreciation for winter weather. Many people are complaining about how winter and cold weather affect their lives negatively. However, when snowshoeing, you learn to appreciate the fun of being out in the great outdoors. You will feel like a kid again as you tromp through the snowy terrain.

5. Snowshoeing gives you that feeling of being in the back country. Picture this--you are standing on a terrain of snow never before touched. The scenery around you is breathtaking. This is the experience skiers look for in the wintertime. As a snowshoer, you can also experience it.

Of course, there are plenty more reasons why snowshoeing is such an enjoyable sport not only in one part of the world, but it's also enjoyed internationally. All you need is a quality pair of top-rated snowshoes from top-rated retailers like Northern Lites.

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