5x National Snowshoe Race Champion Wears Northern Lites

5x National Snowshoe Race Champion Wears Northern Lites

Although snowshoeing may seem a bit tricky, it’s really no different from hiking. Except there’s snow and you’re not wearing typical footwear, you’re wearing snowshoes. However, one of the most appealing features of snowshoeing is the fact that almost anyone can snowshoe. It takes little to no experience and you can travel off trails where the landscape and the backdrop are both breathtaking.

Snowshoe Racing Is For Everyone

Snowshoe racing is a little bit more difficult than your average snowshoeing excursion. First, you have to be able to run for long distances. Then, you have to run long distances while wearing snowshoes. Actually, there’s a U.S. Snowshoe Championship held each year in Idaho and it draws a number of anticipated snowshoers to its backcountry course. Five-time national championship race winner Eric Hartmark admits he’s impressed with how well our Northern Lites snowshoes hold up during these long runs compared to other brands.

5x Snowshoe Racing Champion Wears Northern Lites

After winning last year, he stated "Prior to discovering Northern Lites Snowshoes, a snowshoe breaking in the middle of a race was unfortunately something that I had experienced several times. Needless to say, those were not some of my favorite race experiences, nor were they some of my best performances.” Eric relies heavily on our top-rated snowshoes for future racing for various reasons.

He also admitted, “Now that I've been racing on Northern Lites Snowshoes, it's nice to be able to think about other things during a race... rather than wondering, ‘Now what's wrong with my snowshoe?' I have logged hundreds of miles on my Northern Lites Snowshoes and I am continually impressed with the quality and durability of these snowshoes.”

Annual Snowshoe Racing Held in Idaho

Hosted in McCall, Idaho at Jug Mountain Ranch, the 2023 U.S. National Snowshoe Racing Championships will be on February 4, 2023. The U.S. Snowshoe Association (USSSA) strongly encourages all ages to participate, since there are two separate events being held, including the Senior Championships – a men’s and women’s 10-kilometer race - as well as a Junior National Championship – which will take place during the 5k. They will award the top five men and women, along with age-group winners. Recognized for promoting outdoor winter safety and the sport of recreational snowshoeing, the USSSA has led this national snowshoe race since 2001.

You don’t even need to qualify for the championship. The main objective is to have fun and come together for an annual snowshoeing event. It’s encouraged as a family-friendly weekend and children are even allowed to participate if they want in a kids’ kilo snowshoe race.

Northern Lites Promotes Snowshoe Racing for All Ages

Fortunately, Northern Lites carries a wide range of snowshoes for every age including kids. Built to be super lightweight, especially for racing, our crafted snowshoes feature innovative design and construction. Snowshoe champions trust our brand, and will continue to be loyal customers.

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