How Snowshoeing Benefits Your Health

How Snowshoeing Benefits Your Health

Snowshoeing is an activity that lends itself well to social distancing, so you can be safe in any case, and still have a wonderful time, while also gaining some noteworthy health benefits. Really all you need is a pair of quality snowshoes and warm clothing, then you're ready to experience a whole new world outside of the normal routine. In this article, we’ll discuss what snowshoeing is and how it can give your overall health a nice boost.

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What Exactly Is Snowshoeing?

Snowshoeing is an activity which long ago began as an essential method of transportation in the wintertime, usually in snow-covered terrain. It is an exercise that is very easy to get started with, requiring only a pair of snowshoes and a pair of ski poles for propulsion and for steadying yourself in the snow. With just a little practice, you can become quite adept at the sport, and it can provide a lifetime of enjoyment, and a very worthwhile source of cardio exercise.

How To Get Started Snowshoeing

Most ski shops and a great many sports shops sell all the equipment you’ll need to get started with snowshoeing. The salesclerk at the store will be able to size you for the right pair of snowshoes, so that once you begin, you’ll be able to propel yourself through the snow in an efficient manner. This is an important step, so be sure to get the correct size for your height and weight, and that will make it much easier to get going.

Snowshoeing Benefits Your Health

On any given day when you’re doing some snowshoeing, you’ll definitely have to propel yourself forward through the snow, and you’ll probably have to learn how to go uphill and downhill, since few trails are perfectly level. You’ll also need to learn the proper techniques for using your poles to best advantage, and to pick yourself up after falling in a snowbank. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, so make sure you’re listening when an instructor guides you through this.

It will also be worth your while to learn about how to prepare for and how to avoid the possibility of an avalanche, which can be a life-threatening event on the trail. Don’t be intimidated by this point though, because you may not ever be on a hillside that has the potential for an avalanche. When you are on a bigger hill, there are steps you can take that will keep you safe, provided you know what to do.

Main Health Benefits Of Snowshoeing

On top of the enjoyment of the winter wonderland you’ll be passing through, there are some other benefits that will accrue to someone who regularly participates in snowshoeing workouts:

Calorie burning

You can actually burn about 600 calories for every hour of snowshoeing, which is a considerable number of calories. That’s almost 50% more than you could burn by jogging for an hour. The best part? It's way more fun than jogging and all you need are some top-rated snowshoes. You’ll gain some immediate benefits from this kind of exercise, as well as some long-term benefits.

Reduces muscle soreness

When you begin sweating, toxins will be flushed out of your body and your muscles will get more oxygen. That will reduce any muscle soreness you might have, and it will also supply you with the Vitamin D you need, assuming you’re out on a sunny day.

Feeling better

The winter sun has an impact on the levels of serotonin produced by your body, and this will cause you to feel better about yourself and about everything going on in your life.

Better sleep

The workout you get from snowshoeing will make you tired by the end of the day, so you can get a better night’s sleep. There will be a greater amount of melatonin present in your system, and this will contribute to making your sleep deeper and more relaxing.

Beat the winter blues

Instead of staying indoors and waiting for winter to end, you can be outdoors and enjoying the winter weather. It’s a much more optimistic approach than simply being a shut-in during the colder months of the year.

Lowers stress

Any exercise is a good way to reduce your body’s stress level, and since snowshoeing is a good cardio exercise, it goes a long way toward lowering or eliminating your stress level. In addition, you’ll generally encounter a number of others on the trail who are doing the same thing, and you’ll have the opportunity to socialize with them. Socializing is another known activity that has the effect of lowering stress and inducing a good feeling.

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Snowshoeing Makes Winter Fun!

If you’ve been a person in the past who stayed indoors all winter long, waiting for spring to arrive, you may have wasted some good opportunities to socialize, to get a good workout, and to boost your general state of well-being. Get involved with snowshoeing, and see what a dramatic difference it makes to your outlook, and to your overall health.

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