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The Speed Binding: Everything You Need To Know

At Northern Lites our mission is to create the lightest most durable outdoor winter equipment in the world. Introduced in 2018 The Northern Lites Speed Binding system was introduced to the market place. The Speed Binding system was designed to be incredibly light, highly durable, along with being the easiest snowshoe binding system to take on and off. All of our gear is designed and crafted to last a lifetime and our Speed Bindings are no different.

What are Speed Bindings?

The Speed Binding system was created after years of testing to ensure that everyone from avid snowshoers to beginners alike are given a binding that they can put on and take off within 30 seconds. The Speed Binding system allows snowshoers to tighten and loosen the binding without taking off their gloves, along with not having to bend down or sit in the snow to tighten or loosen like many other binding systems on the market place. 

Simple to Use

Many snowshoe binding systems are overly complex to use. Many complaints we hear is that many systems create issues if the binding loosens on the trail due to the difficulty to take them on and off along with retightening. Moreover, many snowshoe bindings add lots of weight to overall shoe due to plastic features or complex locking systems. The heavier the snowshoe the more energy it takes to walk and the less enjoyable the trail can be. The Speed Binding system is a system that can be used intiutively.

Speed Binding and Leather Boot

Pivot System

The Northern Lites Speed Binding system utilizes a pivot hinge suspension strap that is attached to our ultra-“lite” frame. This suspension strap is a flexible nylon that has a durability of over 1000 lbs of rip resistance along with a temperature rating of -40degrees C. This strap allows the snowshoe to flex and pivot with each stride making each step as seamless and simple as possible. Northern Lites Snowshoes are designed to imitate the natural step so that it feels like nothing is on your foot. 

Forefoot Material 

Attached to the suspension strap system is our unique footing system that fits all shoe and boot types. This design is punched out of a genuine Coolthane material that is temperature resistant to -40degrees C, rip stop rated and almost impossible to tear. The Coolthane fits snug around the forefoot and has 6 separate “arms” that huge the foot and prevent and shoe gap or snowshoe loss. 

Attached to the Coolthane base is a patented lace holding material that has 1000 lb rated lacing that is threaded though. This lacing system acts very similar to tying a shoe and uses the snowshoers shoe or boot as the lacing foundation. To tighten the binding lacing around you boot or shoe all the snowshoer needs to do is tighten the lacing by pulling up and the synching the lacing with the lace cord lock. 

Often times there is an excess of lacing that can easily be tucked into the snowshoers boot, heel strap or back through the lacing system. 

Tightening Speed Binding for Northern  Lites

Heel Strap Lock

The heel of the shoe or boot is locked in with a nylon strap that is tightened with an easy to tighten locking buckle. The nylon material, after the buckle, has a convenient D-ring that can be tightened with without having to take off your gloves. This heel system can fit a boot up to size 15mens. If you need a binding for a larger foot please reach out to us directly so that we can customize the binding.

Find the Right Speed Bindings for Your Snowshoes

The Speed Binding system has quickly become the most popular binding system we offer at Northern Lites. The ease of use along with the system being lighter than our Tru Trak system makes this a favorite for many of our customers and those looking at getting into snowshoeing.

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