Tru Trak Snowshoe Binding: Everything You Need To Know

Tru Trak Snowshoe Binding: Everything You Need To Know

Our mission at Northern Lites is to create the lightest, most durable and easy to use outdoor gear on the market. We are proud that since 1992 we have stuck to our mission and lead the market in lightweight and durability. With our snowshoe our most popular binding system is The Tru Trak Binding system. The Tru Trak Binding is often revered as the best snowshoe binding system on the market due to its ruggedness, durability and ease of use.

The Tru Trak Binding system was engineered and launched in 1994 and has been a staple of Northern Lites Snowshoes ever since. The entire system is rated to -40 degrees Celsius and is designed to last a lifetime. The Tru Trak system is designed to be as light weight as possible while ensuring it can hold all boots and/or shoes of all sizes. This system was used by winner of the 1000 mile Iditarod Invitation ultra marathon due to its durability and ability to hold its tension all day every day. This system is also used by many of our professional athletes as it eliminates any gaps between the boot/shoe and binding.

Pivot Strap

The Tru Trak system utilizes a pivot hinge type of platform. This platform ensures the snowshoe acts in a detached form from the foot mirroring the common stride we take ensuring the snowshoe feels as natural as possible. The binding is attached to the Northern Lites ultra “lite” frame using an material called Biothane. Biothane is stronger than the nylon materials utilized in car seats, yet retains a flexibility and rigidity to provide lifetime performance along with a coating that is temperature tested down to -40 degrees Celsius. This temperature rating ensures there is no freeze or build up in the snow and freezing temperatures of winter.


On top of the Biothane, the Tru Trak Binding system utilizes a genuine Coolthane material as the base of the binding. This material is puncture proof and ripstop rated. To give you a sense of the durability of Coolthane it is the same patented material many inflatable navy boats and oil tanker floats are made of. This material doesn’t wear out and supports any type of shoe, boot or footing apparatus you can dream up.

The Coolthane base is attached to the Biothane strap using a specialized rivet system. These rivets are designed to provide flexibility where needed for curve around the foot yet the material is guaranteed to not fail and come apart.

Front Cleat

Underneath the Biothane Strap and Coolthane base sits the fore foot Duralum Aluminum cleat. This cleats sits and flex’s with the foot so that each step delivers as much traction as possible. Our aluminum is ultralight but delivers traction in all terrains. Moreover, the aluminum used can be resharpened with any house hold grind or tumbler system which increases the lifetime sharpness and use of the cleat.

Binding Lock System

Each Tru Trak binding, depending on the model, has 2 or 3 ruggedized nylon straps that keep your foot or shoe in place. This material is designed to hold the foot in place, preventing any shoe loss on the trail, along with eliminating any Pidgeon toeing. The material and strap system locks over the shoe with a backwards metal hook ladder. This prevents the strap from slipping ensuring the shoe stays in the same position and strength all day long during a trek. Any excess strap can be conveniently locked in place with a ruggedized o-ring that sits within each strap.

The huge benefit of this strap system is that you do not have to over tighten the binding system, making the snowshoe feel incredible comfortable all day long. These straps are designed to be easily replaceable and changeable if they wear out or if they break due to being overtightened or worn out through years of enjoyable use.

One of the best ways to prevent any strap breakage is to spray the straps with silicon at the end of the season when you are storing the shoes after winter. If you don’t have silicon spray, PAM or a cooking oil spray will work. 

Heel Lock System

The heel of the shoe or boot is locked in with a nylon strap that is tightened with an easy to tighten locking buckle. The nylon material, after the buckle, has a convenient D-ring that can be tightened with without having to take off your gloves. This heel system can fit a boot up to size 15mens. If you need a binding for a larger foot please reach out to us directly so that we can customize the binding. 

Everything in the Tru Trak binding system is designed to be easy to use, light weight and to provide the most comfortable and secure fit available. Most important is that our 100% made in the USA system provides a durability unmatched so that you can assured that no matter where you want to go, your snowshoes will take you there. 

With the trail ahead, leave the weight behind and enjoy the journey. 


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