Upcoming Snowshoe Events for March 2023

Upcoming Snowshoe Events for March 2023

Get ready for a busy March in 2023 with tons of family activities scheduled based on snowshoeing and other winter fun!

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Snowshoe Events for March 2023

Check the latest events coming up this year before the snow starts to melt and you miss out on all the fun.

March 4-5 | Berming Man & Turning Man

If one of your goals in life is to be a winner in the fastest snowboarder or fastest skier in Wyoming, then this is your dream race. There will be plenty of exciting other activities going on such as crazy costume wearers, steep turns, high speed during this adrenaline-rushing race. Join fellow snowshoers and other winter sport enthusiasts for a good time!

March 11-12 | College Weekend Skip

Put the class homework on hold for a couple days and hit the slopes for snowshoeing and skiing. Did I mention partying? Let's do what we do best and have fun!

March 18 | Pond Skim Test

Test out your ski and board talents on water. The annual Pond Skim is held every year when the ice starts to melt from the water's surface. Known as a springtime staple, snowshoe competitors will be judged on costume and style.

March 19 | West Virginia Ski Free Day

Yes, that's right. Free lift tickets to all residents of West Virginia. Bring proof of residency to the Depot and receive a free ticket to ski and ride for the day!

March 25-26 | Spring Send It

Welcome to a variety of whacky yet fun activities in one place, from a cardboard box race to a ducky race, it's sure to be an exciting time for all! In addition to the fun races, there will be Village blowout party on tap to celebrate closing weekend.

March 26 | Snowshoe Closing Day

It's a bittersweet closing day for snowshoers, but what better way to show your support for a sad season ending than by having a blast with fellow enthusiasts. Enjoy the last day with tons of fun and spraying snow!

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Whether you're able to make all these fun events for snowshoeing around the country or not. Remember to create your own fun right in your hometown. Start your very own tradition with friends and family, and don't forget to throw on your snowshoes!

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