Upcoming Snowshoe Events in February 2023

Upcoming Snowshoe Events in February 2023

As winter season keeps moving along, so does activities based around fun activities with snowshoes! We've come up with a list of events from the USASA snowshoeing calendar scheduled for February 2023.

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Snowshoe Events in February 2023

Whether you're a snowshoe enthusiast or die-hard snowshoer we've listed the biggest challenges in the country for every level of experience to enjoy!

February 6 | Cupp Run Challenge

Mark your calendars for the first Monday of February this year because it's supposed to be a legendary event for everyone. Regarded as "snowshoe's most storied tradition," this challenge has been said to be an unforgettable experience. Registration is already open.

February 11 | Uphill Thang & Randonnée Moonlight Shuffle Race

If you're not familiar with this uniquely named event, you're not the only one. It's the first year ever the Shuffle Race has been held. Snowshoeing uphill (or uphilling) is huge in this sport right now and definitely worth a try in this race. Enjoy snowshoe uphill equipment demos during the day at Silver Creek Slopes.

February 25-26 | USASA Boarder/Skier Cross Race

Held on Snowshoe Mountain, the annual USASA Boarder/Skier Cross Race always seems to draw a familiar crowd on this popular hill. Watch an intense race enjoyed by everyone who participates in winter activities.

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Whether you attend every event during this month or not, remember you can always start your own traditions and host your activities locally with friends and family. Also, don't forget to purchase a good quality pair of snowshoes from Northern Lites - Known for their lightweight construction and 5-time National Snowshoe Race Champion's number one go-to brand. Just remember to wear your snowshoes and have fun!

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