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What Type Of Snowshoe Is Right For Me?

Choosing which type of snowshoe is almost as important as the quality of the snowshoe itself.

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What Type of Snowshoe is Right for You?

When you are choosing which type of snowshoe to pick, the choices available can be quite daunting and intimidating. Our goal at Northern Lites is to make enjoying the art and sport of snowshoeing as easy and approachable as possible.

When thinking of which snowshoes you should buy, things to keep in mind are distance, depth of snow, conditions of the trail, weight of the snowshoe and weight of your total pack size when hitting the trail. knowing this will help guide you on which snowshoe is best for you.

Take a Quick Questionaire

We have gone ahead and given you a quick questionnaire, giving you a simple guide to determine which snowshoe you could choose. Below we have a few questions you should ask yourself that will help guide you to determine which snowshoe is appropriate to maximize your fun out on the snowy trail.

We hope that these 4 simple questions got you thinking about what type of snowshoeing you will be partaking in.

Type of Snowshoe Recommendations


If you are more a novice and will be snowshoeing on well packed or groomed trails and the typical length of your trails are 1-5 miles, depending on your weight we recommend you check out our Recreational line of Quicksilver Snowshoes.

Long Distance

If you are snowshoeing over long distances or will be taking half or full day hikes, we recommend you check out our Elite line which is our best seller due to its ultralight weight and guaranteed durability.

Backcountry or Mountaineering

If you are snowshoeing in backcountry or mountaineering type of conditions but the snow isn't super deep or your pack total weight isn't over 250lbs, check out our Backcountry series.

Heavy Powder

If you are snowshoeing in heavy powder, off terrain trails, search and rescue or mountaineering we recommend checking out our Mountaineering line of snowshoes.


If you are wanting to run during the winter time, a go to is our race series. Our race series are the lightest snowshoes in the world, up to 75% lighter than competing snowshoes, and are the go to choice for world class athletes around the globe.
snowshoes - northern lites - types

Choose the Right Type of Snowshoe

There are many other factors that determine which snowshoes are the best for you, so please reach out to us and we will help make recommendations based on your individual needs. Shop various types of snowshoes at Northern Lites today!

Check out all of our snowshoes and snowshoe accessories.

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