How To Pick The Right Snowshoe

Types of Snowshoes

Most snowshoes fall into 3 categories: flat terrain, rolling terrain and mountain terrain. A few models are designed specifically for trail-running, fitness or climbing


Flat Terrain Snowshoes

Best for beginners. These are designed for easy walking on flat to rolling terrain and are ideal for families and casual snowshoers.

Flat-terrain snowshoes feature easy-to-adjust bindings and less aggressive traction systems. This category includes entry-level models that offer good value.

 Our Flat Terrain Models are: Race, QS25, QS30

Rolling Terrain Snowshoes

Best for hikers and backpackers. Rolling-terrain snowshoes are designed for hiking on rolling to steep terrain off the beaten track and are suitable for all but very steep or icy conditions.

Rolling-terrain snowshoes are designed with more aggressive crampons and beefier bindings. This category is a step up from entry level.  

Our Rolling Terrain Models: Elite, Backcountry, Race Elite, Tundra.


Mountain Terrain Snowshoes

Best for advanced hikers, mountaineers and backcountry snowboarders. Mountain-terrain snowshoes are designed for icy, steep terrain. They are aimed at snowshoers who want to blaze their own trails.

They’re made with climbing-style crampons and rugged bindings that can withstand harsh conditions and terrain.

Our Mountain Terrain Models: Predator Line