Backcountry Ultralight All-Terrain Unisex Snowshoe (30")

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Now available with our new Spin Binding system!

At 3 lbs. per PAIR, the 30" long Backcountry weighs less than the 22" models of other snowshoes!

Designed for men and women up to 225lbs looking for a backcountry workhorse that won't leave you with sore legs, the Backcountry provides the floatation you'll need but with huge weight savings. Longer and slightly wider than the 25" Elite, the Backcountry gets the job done for heavier users or deeper snow conditions when you need to stay on top. 

The 9" x 30" Backcountry is a step up from the Quicksilver 30" snowshoes due to a lighter 7075 series frame, a lighter yet equally strong grade of COOLTHANE® decking, additional color options including Rescue Orange, and 42 more compact ridged deck clips for even more weight savings.



•Spin and Tru Trak bindings fit W5.5 - M13.5 shoe sizes
•Made of our lightest aerospace grade 7075-T6 aluminum
•Ultralight and rip-proof COOLTHANE® decking
•19-point Duraluminum cleats with ice guards
•Heat-treated nylon ridged deck clips add additional 42-point traction system around perimeter of snowshoe

•Dimensions: 9" wide x 30" long
•Tru Trak Bindings Weight: 3lbs/pair
•Spin Bindings Weight: 3lbs 3.5oz/pair (Spin)
•Recommended User Weight: Up to 225lbs
•Uses: On & off-trail hiking and camping, backpacking, heavy loads, search and rescue

Customer Reviews

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Mark S.
Really pleased with the light

Really pleased with the light weight, and extra flotation that the 30” provided this winter. We had record setting snowfall in Anchorage this winter, over 6 ft up where we live in the Chugach on the edge of town. I’m the local trail breaker , being retired, so had multiple ( too many ?) opportunities to test these out. Snowshoe 5 out of 7 days a week during winters like this. Have had a pair of your 25” for about 12 years now so I knew what a tough performer your shoes are. Don’t use them for more technical steep ascents and decadents when going up to the ridges. Have some MSR Ascents for those days. But love the Lites for everything else.

Erik C.
Great shoe.

These were recommended to me by a fellow hunting guide. They have been a great shoe. Very tough. I have used them in variable conditions in Montana and Idaho. Since moved up to Alaska and have no doubt these will be the awesome up here. Also customer service was great!

Nicholas C.

I bought these with the Speed Lace option, which barely fit my size 12US/11UK boots, and sometimes came off, but are adequate. What was not so great in the Australian snow, which tends to get wet and therefore icy, is that they don't have very aggressive crampons.

Lynn K.
Great snowshoes

These are really good snowshoes for carrying a winter camping trip pack with. I’ve got the elites for my day tripping adventures. These also work well for powdery snow better. I love the lighter weight.

Jerry H.
Superlight Snowshoes

These are super light and so far, very nice to get around in. I wouldn’t rate them 5 stars yet because I haven’t put 100 miles on them yet. I’ve got to get some more miles on them to see how they really hold up.

The binding system is very easy to get in and out of and holds secure all day.

They track well in the snow and I don’t have any issues with them wanting to drift to one side or the other when the bindings are tight.

Being super light, they do not have the same kind of support as like a MSR snowshoe would have underfoot, but that is to be expected from a superlight snowshoes. Let’s be real here, they are very good quality but they lighter you make something the less supportive it’s going to be. It’s a trade off with super light outdoor gear.

When I’m packing really heavy loads, I’d like these to be about 6 inches longer.

Nothing is going to be totally perfect but these are pretty darn good for such a lightweight snowshoes.