Snowshoe Bags: Design, Styles and Best Practices

Snowshoe Bags: Design, Styles and Best Practices

What is a Snowshoe Carrying Bag

Snowshoes are fantastic at giving you access to the outdoors. I think the best part of snowshoeing is the ability to access trails that you would normally hike in the summer time, but can now access year round. This is especially awesome for trails that are super popular and crowded in warm weather. Moreover, snowshoes allow you to go off trail in the backcountry in deep powder and snow. Due to snowshoes being designed to provide traction and flotation they are quite large. This size can be prohibitive when packing, so that is why we recommend having a snowshoe carrying and storage bag.

Northern Lites Tundra Snowshoe Walking

A snowshoe storage bag is usually a tough nylon or cotton fabric that has a strap to either a shoulder strap or backpack strap. Since snowshoes can be quite heavy depending on the brand, having a way to carry the snowshoes on your back or shoulder will help with the weight especially if you are walking to a trail head to snowshoe. Snowshoe bags come in many shapes and sizes, some have pockets, while other have straps to attach trekking poles and other gear.


Keeping your snowshoes in a snowshoe carry bag will protect the snowshoes when they are not in use, it will also protect the sharp crampons on the bottom of the snowshoes from cutting or slicing other things or getting caught on clothing. Also a snowshoe bag will help dry out the snowshoes when they are not in use and protect the shoes from the elements when they are being stored.

Northern Lites Snowshoe Carry Bag

Different types and sizes

 At Northern Lites we offer two different types of snowshoe bags, Carry Shoulder Bag and Storage Bag, along with three different sizes: small, medium and large. 

The Carry Shoulder Bag is designed to take your snowshoes on the road and on the go. Our bag has a shoulder strap, a top loop to store the bag on a hook when the snowshoes are needing to be stored, along with a carry handles to carry your bag like a briefcase. Our Carry Bag also has clasps to attach trekking poles and other gear. The Carry Bag is finished off with an oversized zipper and zipper loop so you can get your bog open and closed even with gloves on. 

Our Storage Bag is nylon fabric bag with one side a solid nylon fabric and on the other side a meshed fabric to ensure the snowshoes dry in the bag with the mesh ventilation and remain dry as they are stored. This bag is designed to store your snowshoes and comes with an oversized zipper and loop on the top to hang the bag and snowshoe on a hook.

1. Small

Our small snowshoe bags are for our race models, sized 20 inches long by 8 inches wide.

2. Medium

Our medium snowshoes bags are for our Quicksilver 25, Elite and Race Elite snowshoe models, sized 25 inches long by 8.5 inches wide.

3. Large

Our large snowshoe bags are for our Tundra, Backcountry and Quicksilver 30 models. Sized 32 inches long by 9.5 inches wide.

Best practices: How to store snowshoes in a bag

In order to ensure your snowshoes remain in tip top shape for their lifetime it is key that you store your snowshoes properly after ever use. Every time you store your snowshoes after use, ensure you use a warm wet cloth to remove all dirt and grime. Next properly dry your snowshoes with a clean dry cloth. Next store your snowshoes both shoes facing the same direction to ensure the crampons and spikes do not damage each other. It is our recommendation to put a piece of cardboard between the shoes to prevent any damage they could cause each other. Finally, ensure you snowshoes are hung up and sorted in an cool dry place.

Northern Lites Snowshoes

Like everything snowshoes are an investment and we want to ensure you are able to protect and extend the life of your investment for as long as possible. By using a snowshoe carry or storage bag you will be all set to properly take care of your snowshoes when storing and transporting them year after year.

With everything in life remember to always Enjoy The Journey.

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